Friday, June 25, 2004

Me and my big mouth.

I teasingly chided my cousin SY for being miserly and she started crying. Sigh. And after I left she was still sobbing, even though she did stop crying just before I left to say goodbye. Damn it, now I must find ways to apologise. Me and my big mouth, never hurt the feelings of a crybaby, especially a cousin who holds me in high regard and who would be more hurt by my remark.

Otherwise, it really was a great day.

The rain put an end to the ceaseless heat and worse, haze that had been bothering me the past few days. I had a great lunch of the famous Bukit Merah curry rice (courtesy of Dad) and went to the BM Library where I borrowed 7 Agatha Christie novels.

Had a somewhat fruitful tuition session with my cousins. Whatever calories I burnt shouting at them were soon replenished by the great dinner by my aunt. Imagine this: a pot of simmering stock with mushrooms (all kinds), chicken, ham, peas, sea cucumber, scallops, abalone etc all together, boiled for the whole afternoon. That's what I had. My aunt must be really out of her mind.

And I had to go make my cousin cry. Damn it.

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