Monday, June 28, 2004

I am super tired, but it really was an A+ kind of day!!

Firstly, I met up with Q and L (finally!), and we had a superb lunch at Subway, Cineleisure. Then after lunch, it was Neoprints time! I can't remember when was the last time I took Neoprints, let alone spent $8 per person on Neoprints.

Enough talking, here's some scary pictures!

Why I Love Neoprints-- We look like we are having a Good-hair-Plus-Good-Skin Day!

Part of the first Neoprint we took. The background was so hard to change!! We kept erasing the mistakes we made. But there was unlimited time to edit this. I am always not looking at the camera sigh. Q likes the pink Jap one.

Again, part of the first $8 spent. Actually we chose six shots out of 21, so there were many poses we tried that we didn't get to print out. The Neoprints are so small but you can still tell we look so cute and pretty! Ha, by the way, the act-pig one is nice right?

Too small. You can't see the cute Planet Mars backgroud, or the sexy pose L had. But who cares? I can.

The second Neoprint we took. This time, we had four shots and we looked so pretty in all of them! There is also glittery decorations printed. Well, no matter serious, kawaii, or just plain wacky, we can carry the look well. Thank you, thank you.

Seeing that you can't rotate your head 90 degrees, I rotated the second pose from above. It's also our Netrogena parody shot, with L and me as the "After" and Q, with her darker face, as the "Before". Good skin right?

The colours aren't that good but it shows one of the many wacky poses we had.

Yeh! My favourite shot! We wanted a My Melody background but well, some last minute edits caused us to lose it. But well, we look great here!

Ok, now that you are really turned off your breakfast, lunch, dinner and perhaps are puking out whatever you ate yesterday, it's time for me to go on gushing about my very great day.

Yes, I loved those Neoprints. After that L had to leave. Q and I walked to Plaza Singapura for coffee and slacking, devouring three delicious frozen strawberries from Mos Burger along the way. Starbucks has this Strawberries n' Cream Frappucino which is lovely.

A rush to aerobics class next. Janice has once again surpassed herself by giving us a workout that demanded more from us, in terms of coordination, speed and balance. It was a totally different workout from last week's (she said she would use a workout for two weeks each but recent workouts are never repeated!). I had a great time jumping about, sometimes managing to catch the moves but other moments just lost. I must have gained a lot of weight this week because my left ankle hurts now!

Then I got back, praying as I checked online for the results of the ballot. What ballot? Well it's a ballot for extra invitation cards to my commencement ceremony. I was so worried but yes, I got the extra card I asked for! Nearly everyone in my class got the extras they requested actually, in fact some had three or four extra! Should have asked for more.

I shall now end this perfect day just slacking and perhaps reading the 37th Agatha Christie novel I have obtained.

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