Saturday, June 26, 2004

Carpark Etiquette?

Like I said, we learn new things everyday.

Yesterday, my father used the $1 coupon for hourly parking at the Bukit Merah food centre carpark. However, being the fast eaters we are, we were done within half an hour. Before we left the carpark, my dad actually asked me to pass the still valid coupon to the next driver who parked in our lot. The young man looked really grateful.

I am quite astonished. Firstly, I really haven't seen this for years. Do people still do this these days? I drive on Sunday when there is free parking, so I really have not experienced such etiquette. Secondly, it's really a matter of say fifty cents wasted to me. I would just chuck the coupon aside without any thoughts of how I can help someone else save fifty cents. Fifty cents, a small sum that is obviously taken for granted.

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